“Over the years I have worked with many professionals in the mental health field, each with their own style and demeanor. Out of all of them, I still feel that Crystal is one of the best examples of what it means to truly serve in this field. Exhibiting the perfect balance of professional training and integrity, she is able to maintain a mindfulness of and with her clients every step of the way without falter. More importantly, her knowledge and training is only effective because of her honest, heartfelt presence and down to earth nature. She is an amazing person and I am proud and blessed to call her a colleague and a friend.”

Jenna Claesen

“Crystal is the consummate professional. She brings balance and a sincere unconditional regard to her practice. She is skilled at assessing and understanding her clients’ needs so that the best personal result can be attained. As a colleague, I witnessed Crystal’s keen insight and her unique ability to connect to others very quickly. She is sensitive to person-in-environment and how the intersection of race, class, culture and gender impact life struggles. I count on Crystal’s incomparable understanding of people and systems to help inform my practice. She’s adept at getting to the root of the problem and figuring out—very quickly—steps to make any situation better. Crystal is the real deal, and an absolute joy to boot! Her knowledge and unflinching perspective have helped make me a better practitioner.”

Tresha Eaglin

“I think I’ve never been so lucky as to have a friend who is also a therapist – and especially during my turbulent college years. As Crystal’s roommate and good friend for the last ten years I’ve had the privilege of easy access to a caring, thoughtful, authentic ear/shoulder to cry on. Not only does she help keep me sane when life hands me so many lemons, she constantly goes out of her way to show up for her family, friends, and clients. I’ve never met someone who spends as much blood sweat & tears and gives so many hours for others; who pays crazy attention to detail, and cares deeply so that others may receive the help and treatment they need. As someone who has struggled with depression in the past, I know how valuable therapy is and especially the importance of talking to someone real (aka down to earth and authentic). If there’s anyone out there who will take your problems seriously, listen genuinely, and work with you, it will be Crystal Morrison.”
Laura Rodriguez